Swiss Association of Teachers of English


This is the official SATE website. As you can easily see, it is not quite perfect.... and yet full of information! But we apologise for some of the buttons being in German. Something we hope to be able to amend some time.


On 24th November 2024, we met in Schaffhausen in the Kammgarn West for the SATE AGM 2024. The guest lecture was by Heather Holt on “The Pedagogical Shift: Cultivating Student Agency in a Transforming Educational Landscape”

At the AGM, we said good-bye to Christine Mach, our president, and to Kaspar Kolb, our long-standing VSG delegate. Fortunately, there were successors: Marie-Claude Guerry is our new president, and Craig Brand became our new VSG delegate (joining Maja Ruef, who became a delegate last year). - Membership numbers are stable, but we would very much welcome new members. See here for the AGM minutes.

After the AGM, we had a lovely dinner at Hotel Kronenhof in Schaffhausen - good food, pleasant company and lively conversations!

Last updated: 7 March 2024