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SATE NOVEMBER COURSE 2024 -- Save the date: 21 and 22 November 2024 - Fribourg / Freiburg

More Information to follow soon!

4 plays in 5 days in London

Dates: 7-11 October 2024

Discover classic and contemporary plays and their productions on stage; get to know their context (historical, sociocultural, political); discuss the process from the page to the stage; meet people from the theatre world; get an idea of the London theatre tradition; exchange with fellow teachers; use the English language in an authentic environment.

4 plays in production in London in October 2024 will be read, analysed, watched, and discussed in the form of workshops or debates. Dramatic genre, techniques and traditions as well as social, historical, and scientific issues will provide topics for the discussions. Participants may prepare a session actively if they feel inspired and wish to. Plays can be of any era and can be in production at the National, in the West End, or in fringe venues. Highlights are visits from professionals involved in the plays who share their experiences with the group.

Organisers: Susanna Lehmann & Chantal Gruber in conjunction with SATE

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