Swiss Association of Teachers of English

About us 

SATE, the Swiss Association of Teachers of English, are the representative of English teachers at public grammar schools in Switzerland. SATE’s statutes declare our objective to be the promotion of “the study and teaching of English language and literature and the knowledge of Anglo-Saxon civilisation among its members.”

SATE tries to fulfil this aim by 

  • offering courses to English teachers, most renowned are the November courses,
  • offering subsidies to schools for projects involving English. See here for latest news on this.

Details on past and future courses go to either the News page or the Archive page. Members of SATE get a CHF. 20.— rebate on course fees.

Membership is open to all past or present teachers of English in Switzerland who have successfully completed a course qualifying them to teach English at Swiss Gymnasien, Lycées, Liceos or at university level. 

SATE is affiliated to the VSG/SSPES. Via this union of teachers at Gymnasium level, SATE can help fight for your rights and can contribute to discussions on Swiss education policy. Members of SATE are encouraged to join VSG/SSPES, but SATE only membership is also possible.

The membership fee for SATE is CHF. 30.— per year.

See here for the statutes of SATE.